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Chinese New Year dishes - 2022

Chinese New Year dishes - 2022

2022年菜,即日起開放預購。全套八樣菜色 (部分可二擇一),合計5600元。

* 使用五倍卷特價 5000元.

  1. Abalone Platter
  2. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall or (White Pomfret Rice Noodle Pot)
  3. Golden Chopped Chicken or (Three fresh Seafood fried with Sesame Oil)
  4. Boiled fresh white shrimps
  5. Gold thread wearing ingot or (Xiangchunzi Pai)
  6. Rice Cake with Sakura Shrimps
  7. Sweet and Sour Fish in Tomato Sauce or (Steamed Grouper)
  8. Health-preserving belly Or (silky chicken Soup)


  • Remained open during the Chinese New Year.
  • Taiwan Good-Seafood Restaurant herewith welcome your visit.